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As a top British voice over artist, Robin offers a multitude of  services including


Commercial Showreel


"I was lucky to meet Robin. I was looking for a voice for my books that needed a serious but at the same time bright and mature narrative. Robin handled the narration of my seven books in an exceptional way, always delivering me a very high quality product. Not only that, he has never pulled back in the face of sudden difficulties or changes during the work in progress requested by me. Always present and never late in answering my message but above all gifted with a true mature professional style and education. Are you looking for a middle-aged voice that can successfully fit into your book? So don't go further ... you've already met the perfect person!"


Marco Rassu - Rebirth Limited Publicist


Commercial Voice Over:

Whether it be engaging and sales-oriented or conversational and believable, Robin's voice  will provide the right atmosphere and tone for your commercial voice over. As an English male voice over artiste, Robin can give any UK narrator jobs or International scripts just the right vocal to match client expectation.

Listen to Robin's commercial showreel below:

Voice Over Narration:

As a UK male voice over artist, Robin offers a friendly English accent to any UK narrator jobs or International narration that requires an English male voice over artiste. It can be a warm, conversational piece, an audiobook for kids or teens, a non-fiction audiobook narration, an animation, a corporate voice over, an e-learning project or anything else - Robin can provide the right voice over narration to bring your script to life. 

Listen to Robin's Narration showreel below:


Presenter / Announcer:

If you require a professional voice over artiste to provide a presentation /announcer style read, then you've found your voice! Before becoming a voice over artiste, Robin spent 20 years as a host, compare and presenter for events and entertainment evenings. This level of experience has enabled Robin to provide a professional voice over recording for any International or UK voice over work of this nature, whether it be a sales piece or corporate voice over based project.

Demonstration/explanation voice over:

UK voice over artists are in high demand to do demonstration and explanation voice overs due to the clarity of their English accent. As a British voice over artist, Robin can provide a clear precise delivery to any script of this kind whilst still offering either a conversational and friendly or professional and knowledgeable approach.

Robin is able to offer full mastering of his voice over recordings via his bespoke voice over studio, designed and built by a professional sound architect.

The professional coaching Robin received from multiple voice over experts gave him great insight into script interpretation to deliver the best possible result on any VO project. He is very friendly, easy to work with and encourages direction wherever necessary to give the client the exact read they're looking to achieve.


Constructively learning his craft under the wing of leading English male voice over artist, Paul Dela Ross and with professional coaching from the founder of the Voice & Accent Hub, Nicola Redman, Robin has honed his skills as a British voice over artiste by learning from the best and meticulously crafting his vocal abilities to become a bright new addition to the roster of UK voice over artists.

As a professional singer for the past 14 years, Robin is no slouch when it comes to working his voice and for the past 11 years, Robin has performed as Michael Jackson in the International concert show 'Forever Jackson' – a show founded, created and produced by Robin which was voted No.1 in Europe by MJ fans. The show still tours today. Doing this show has allowed Robin to stretch his vocal ability and stamina, aiding him in delivering longer reads whilst keeping focused and in character.


Robin has completed both International and UK voice over work – recently finishing voice over narration on a six-audiobook series detailing and explaining the Vagus Nerve for Rebirth Ltd, based in Italy (now a regular client of Robin's) and is regularly working on multiple voice over recordings and exceeding client expectations.

Whatever you require, whatever your audience and whatever your goal, Robin is the UK male voice over artist to bring your script to life!

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